Skinny Spot: ‘The Grey Dog’

Located walking distance from Union Square on University Place, The Grey Dog has climbed my list of favorite NYC eats. They also have another location on Carmine Street in the West Village and one coming soon to Chelsea on 16th street. Set up like an old school London pub, you wait online to order and pay for your food and then are sat at one of their cozy tables. The menu is extensive and mouth watering even for a skinny chick. They have a large array of iced and hot beverages and gluten free/sugar free baked goods!

I ordered an iced Green Tea and a #7 Sandwich which is thinly sliced turkey with Brie, sliced green apples and a raspberry mustard and comes on your choice of freshly baked bread. I chose whole grain like a good little skinny chick. The sandwich was huge and definitely enough for two meals, it tasted AMAZING and will probably be the #1 thing I will miss if/when I go Vegan.

My roommate ordered an Arnold Palmer (lemonade & iced tea)and baked Oatmeal. She thought the baked oatmeal was fabulous. It’s made with brown sugar and raisins and served in a bowl of steamed milk. It looked absolutely amazing and I’m not sure if they use whole or skim but I’m pretty sure if you requested skim or soy it wouldn’t be a problem. A possible Vegan (with Soy) and skinny chick favorite as well.

Those were just the two dishes we sampled today. I’m sure we will return, seeing as it was such a positive experience and I promise to review more of the menu for you. ;) For now, check out their website to see their whole menu and various locations. Feel free to comment with your favorite Grey Dog dishes as well!