Where I’m at right now..

It’s been a long, exhausting road for me when it comes to diets and exercise. I’ve tried everything, well almost everything, you could imagine. I’ve done Weight Watchers, Low-Carb, Low-Cal, Vegan, Juice fasts, etc. The thing is I’m not fat. In fact, some would even classify me on the thin side but what I haven’t found is something I can stick with. I’m on a constant search for a diet to end all diets or something to get me back on track. I’m also a gym rat. I love cardio and I adore yoga.  This has been my saving grace a lot of the time when I end another diet in disaster. However, this site is going to change all that. I’m going to stick it through, explore my options and help us both find the best lifestyle choices to stay skinny in the city.

However, I felt as a way to jump into this exploration, what better way to start than doing a cleanse! And what better cleanse than “The Master Cleanse”. I know some may feel skeptical or suspicious about the legitimacy of the Master Cleanse and I agree with your feelings completely and this is partly why I’m going to try it. I feel like the Master Cleanse is the urban legend of all detox diets. Everyone has heard about it, most people know someone who’s done it, and everyone wants to know if Beyonce really did lose 20lbs when she did it for a film. I’ve tried it before and was unsuccessful simply and most glaringly because I was able to talk myself out of doing it after a day or two. It’s so controversial, it’s easy to rationalize not doing it. To be completely honest, I’m flip-flopping between it or a juice fast to kick off this blog for numerous reasons. Either way, I think a cleanse/fast for a few days is a great way (for me personally) to get myself back in to a healthy mind set. After a few days (no need to torture yourself longer than a week and not wise to do for your metabolism anyway) of light/limited consumption you start to feel rejuvenated, refreshed and lighter. Once it’s over, decisions to make healthy choices become easier because you want to keep your body on the route to optimal health and feeling good.

Be warned, these are not for everyone! If you think at the end of your 5 -day cleanse or what not you are going to order a double-cheeseburger and fries from Mc Donalds..don’t even waste your time! Your metabolism does slow down, not dramatically, but enough to where you will put on weight if you go back to eat junk when your done. Why ruin all that hard work? Just don’t do it! Everyone is different, so if this is not for you just follow along my journey and begin your own. What’s your biggest vice? Do you eat a lot of fast food? Eat multiple servings at dinner? Load up on soda and sugary lattes? Whatever it is for you, take a baby steps, instead of fasting make the decision to only order take out one day this week or only have one can of soda a day. A little cut back can go a long way on the road to getting healthy and skinny!