Skinny Spot: ‘Whole Foods’

Yes, obviously Whole Foods Supermarket is an amazing skinny girl grocery shopping spot because they have TONS of uber healthy, low fat, sugar free, vegan, gluten-free and all natural versions of your favorite foods but this post is about why Whole Foods is a skinny spot for a meal when your running around during the day.

Top Ten Things You Can Grab to Eat at Whole Foods:

1. Anything from their yummy salad bar or fresh (healthy) food buffet.

2. Hot and homemade soups or oatmeal if it’s breakfast time.

3. Fresh cut veggies and fruit in snack size portions.

4. Sushi with brown rice and Edamame!

5. Vegan, Gluten-free and low fat scone and muffin options.

6. Premade Salad in three different sizes.(My Fav. is the goat cheese,walnut and cranberry one with baby spinach and fat free balsamic — yummm!)

7. Organic fruit and veggie juices and smoothies.

8. Their nut bar is absolutely delicious if your looking for a yummy little sweet snack.

9. All different macrobiotic dumplings/rice/sushi in meal size containers.

10. Just about every protein bar, meal bar, snack bar you could imagine and in all kinds of organic,all natural and vegan varieties.

Take a little trip to ‘Whole Foods’ – you will find a hard time not falling in love with this heavenly place made for anyone who cares about what they put into their body.