Chocolate Somethings

These are for those times when you just need a little chocolate something..

Mix one box of your favorite dry chocolate cake mix with one can of pumpkin puree.

Yes, it’s really that easy! And I promise it doesn’t taste like pumpkin at all!

To spice things up, feel free to get creative, I often add raspberries or strawberries, you can also add some applesauce in with the pumpkin for a sweeter cupcake. The possibilities are endless and all very satisfying! Bake these little puppies as you would if you had actually made chocolate cupcakes with the mix and voila! you have a little ‘Chocolate Something’ that will run you only 60-100 cals a pop. I bake these at least once a month, and all my girlfriends absolutely love them. Sweet and guilt free! Enjoy!