Lunch on the Lighter Side

Oh, those weekend brunches sitting outside of your favorite cafe with good friends and great mimosas! Now fast forward four or five hours and your not quite at dinner but searching your cabinets for a little something to hold you over. Well we’ve got the sweet and skinny answer to your prayers with some of these light lunches. And if your not a big brunch fanatic like myself, feel free to use these in between any meals to tide you over – they can also be great light dinners if you’ve had a big lunch!

AA – Apples + Almond Butter
Once again, adding my biased spin on old favorite. Go ahead, use peanut butter if you must, even cashew butter but almond is my favorite by far! My advice to you is cut your apple all nice the way you like it, spread whichever of the ‘butter’s you choose and then put the jar away. With the fiber from your apple and the healthy fat and protein in almond butter, you should be more than satisfied with this little dish and leaving the jar out for dipping will often leave you falsely un-full and going back for more. Yes, this is a good thing, but indeed, you can have too much.

Hummus + Co
Is there anything you can’t put with hummus? Well I guess, it might be gross sticking a cookie in it or trying to spread it on a cupcake but hey, can you blame it for forcing you into healthy choices? Let’s take a stroll down hummus lane, whole wheat pita bread, pretzel thins, string beans, carrots.. the yumminess goes on and on. Seriously take a walk down the aisle at your local grocery store and check out all the different hummus flavors that are out there right now! So many delicious, healthy choices – you can try ’em all. I have a particular obsession for Sonny and Joe’s brand hummus and my favorite variations are Sesame, Spinach and Artichoke or Roasted Red Pepper. Happy Dipping!

Goat Cheese and Grape Bruschetta
Think of it like grown up cream cheese and jelly, this combination makes me salivate just thinking about it. Ok, maybe that was a little TMI, it’s fantastic, just take my word. Yes, it’s a little decadent so don’t go over board or eat this when your ravenous, cause you might do some serious caloric damage but eaten in moderation, it’s perfection. Buy a small whole wheat baguette and slice thinly on the diagonal. Only cut the amount your allowing yourself to eat, I’d say any where between 3-6 depending on how hungry you are. Wrap the exposed end and put it away. Now thinly spread the goat cheese on each of the pieces and cut seedless red grapes in half and affix them on to. Voila! Painlessly easy and perfectly delicious!