sweet little summer treats

The weather is warming up and your clothes are covering less and less of your physique. Now is the time of year that everyone becomes a little more tummy-conscious, with beaches and bathing suits on the brain, it’s a little easier to step away from that second helping. However, if your anything like me, despite posting pictures of Gisele and Adriana Lima all over your fridge, your still freaking hungry! So here’s some snacks to keep on hand for when that bikini-body fad diet your doing (despite knowing better!) is leaving you with the tummy grumbles. And yes, you can enjoy them all guilt free! Just maybe not them all at once, if you can help it!

Berries + Cream
Forget about this old classic? Well tsk tsk! Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries..you name it, there all super delicious and healthy for you. Buy them fresh, at your local farmers market (if possible) and look for the organic stamp (best if these don’t have any chemicals touching them since you won’t be doing any peeling). As for the cream, my favorites would be Fat Free Reddi-Whip or Soy Whip. Personally, I think Fat Free Cool Whip or Reddi-Whip taste just as decadent as the real thing and have significantly less calories and fat – but if you feel attached to the old classic, use your measuring eye and keep it to a single serving!

Fro -Yo
Pinkberry, Red Mango, YoGo, frozen yogurt shops and trucks are almost as plentiful in NYC as Starbucks so you should never be more than a block away from low calorie satisfaction! Yes, you heard me, take a step away from the Shake Shack line and think of the bikini!! A small (or even tinier MINI size) with two toppings will only run you 150-250 cals and cool you down as your battling the heat. Of course, be mindful when choosing toppings, fruit is the most calorie friendly choice but nuts are also great if your on the hungrier side. And hey, if you decide you need a little chocolate fix – a scoop of the milk chocolate shavings at Pinkberry will only run you about 50cals – have fun!

Frozen Fruits
If you managed to get this far with out freezing grapes or bananas, my friend, you haven’t lived. Go out and buy grapes now (seedless! or you’ll hate me) and put them in your freezer. You’ll thank me. These little treats single handedly got me and my first nyc roommate through some poor, hot, summer nights in our tiny little apartment. A must try!

Sorbet, or as I like to call it, Gelato’s sweet and skinnier sister! She is indeed your friend when those ice cream craving strike and your not quite in the mood for anymore Fro-Yo. Sorbet, should be ingested with caution however, some tend to have TONS of sugar, so read labels and be a savvy shopper! My personal favorite is Ciao Bello’s Raspberry Sorbet, a tiny pint has 4 servings that will run you only 120cals each. Yummm!


Want more low calorie options of your favorite foods? email me at gosweetandskinny@gmail.com and we’ll get ‘em up on the site! :)