Bikini Body Shoot: Losing 5-10lbs PRONTO

Yes, that is an actual picture of me frolicking on the beach, above. However, that was an impromptu photoshoot with a photographer friend of mine last fall and I was able to hide my bikini body for a great deal of it. Now, it’s July and I have a bikini shoot lined up for just two weeks from today, so I want to lose five to ten pounds PRONTO!
You might say,”why does this have anything to do with my lifestyle?”. While I am aware this is definitely a more common issue amongst actresses, I’m sure you’ve all been in the position where you have a big event and just want to look absolutely amazing and nothing quite makes you feel as confident as a slight slim down and tone up.
While I do advocate a ‘have a little bit of everything/ never deprive yourself’ kind of lifestyle on the regular, this is certainly not the first time I’ve had to step up my healthy eating and work out game for a role or photoshoot. I thought it would be an interesting and intimate journey to share with you guys for the next two weeks as I lose between 5-10lbs to look and  feel (most importantly ) amazing and confident in my bathing suit. My game plan is simple, eat clean and work out daily. As for eating clean, it basically just means steamed or raw veggies, fruit and protein (but not drenched in a fatty or creamy sauce). Sounds easy but it can certainly be a challenge. For my work out, I’m going to do Pilates each day for 30 minutes and cardio for however long I feel like. I know that might sound ridiculous but I actually have a pretty active lifestyle so it’s not as essential for me as it is for someone who sits at a desk all day. If that happens to be you, I would recommend 45-60 minutes of cardio a day and broken up into two different sessions if that’s possible for your lifestyle.
My particular challenge at the moment is sticking to my plan while doing night shoots for a movie this week. Sleep is so crucial for losing weight and my willpower to resist goodies tends to decline as the night goes on. But, hey, I’m human! So stay tuned and hopefully through my trials and tribulations you can learn something for the next time you need to get in shape for an event.










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