Breaking All the Rules

Today is my first day since Sunday out of my apartment and I sit here in Starbucks with a large iced green tea and a toasted plain bagel with butter (insert your gasp here, it’s ok). Nope, this isn’t some “cheat day”, sadly white carbs are the only thing I’ve been able to stomach for the past 5 days. Hit by an awful fever and flu like symptoms, I could barely get anything down for the first three days but it became apparent that my antibiotic would just eat my stomach away (or force me to throw it up) if I did not try to get something down there. Enter, the sick girl’s beloved friend “toast”. I have been living on toast for days!! I’ve eaten more simple carbs in the past few days then I have probably eaten in entire months of my sweet and skinny little life. Bleck!

Funny thing is, once upon a time ago, I would have loved such a good excuse to indulge in something so “off limits” in my mind. However, when your body is utterly fighting for it’s health and you feel like death, you actually want something with nutrients in it! I’ve been dreaming about raw broccoli with hummus and fresh fruit. In fact, I’m pretty sure starting tomorrow I’ll be throwing that loaf of bread out and buying some fresh produce because my body is begging for it. I’m not going to say that having whatever awful flu -like-bug I was infected with was a good thing, but it definitely gave me a refreshed outlook on taking care of myself. I can’t wait to feel good enough tomorrow to get back into my work out and to introduce my tummy back to some other food groups!