In the six months I spent living in Brooklyn, I developed quite a pizza tooth, I’d guess you’d call it. I had never particularly cared for pizza till I lived in Bensonhurst and started ordering from the famous pizza joint from Saturday Night Fever.I couldn’t help it, I was a gone. My all tim favorite pizza they had was a vodka sauce pizza covered in mozzarella. Oh, just writing about it is torturous!

Anyways, so normally I’d say’ “order the pizza eat one or two slices and freeze the rest for another day” but I don’t live in Brooklyn anymore and the pizza here just doesn’t compare! So in an act of creativity and desperation, I bought some vodka sauce and decided to make a healthy, protein packed, skinny, almost pizza. It turned out delicious and guilt free! Just enough to get that fix, try it out!


whisk 3 eggs or egg whites together and pour into a pam sprayed pan on your stove top (just like making an omelette). After you flip it and your pancake like omelette is almost done, spread some vodka sauce all over at your discretion and sprinkle it with your favorite low fat or fat free shredded cheese. Cook till the cheese is sufficently melted and enjoy! Your own mini protein pizza, guilt free and satisfying!










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