Skinny Spot: “Dig Inn”


These little treasure troves of healthy lunches are popping up all over Manhattan! I highly suggest popping into one if you happen to spot one, I’ve been to the one on 18th by union square and the one downtown by Wall street but there are plenty more. Dig Inn makes getting delicious veggies fast and easy! My favorite picks are their veggie platter (where you can choose from five of their vegetarian or vegan sides) or their organic tofu platter (which comes with three sides). With sides like local spaghetti squash, balsamic mushrooms and broccoli and quinoa salad your lunch will be so yummy you’ll forget how healthy it is!

And as if this place didn’t already have my name written all over it- THEY MAKE FRESH JUICES! I’ve tried their all greens with apple, lemon and ginger and it is fabulous. With a slogan like “everything here is good for you”, you better make this your new favorite skinny spot this spring. Check them out at to see if they deliver to your office! :)