Summer Seafood Tips

With the 4th of July around the corner, summer bbqs are in full swing and if your a seafood fan – then this is without question your favorite season. However, before you go diving into the seafood buffet, read this handful of ‘safe seafood tips’ to make sure you put only the best sea life in your body.

SALMON – The ideal salmon is Wild Alaskan salmon, they come from a much cleaner environment then Non-U.S. farmed salmon which can potentially be exposed to harmful parasites and waste. Don’t risk it!

SHRIMP –Be sure to stock up on U.S. shrimp both wild and farm raised which are raised under much more eco-friendly practices than shrimp farmed in Mexico or Asia.

TUNA – Do you love our planet? Well a big reason you should only eat Troll or pole caught tuna is because it’s line caught, one line, one hook, one tuna. Other types of tuna are caught using longlines, which have thousands of hooks and kill lots of unnecessary sea life around them!






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