Summer Shape Up: 10 minute YOGA


              It’s that magical time of year again, the weather’s getting warmer, the sun’s shining and it’s only a matter of time till you need to be seen in public in a swimsuit. This year I’m saving myself some money and not buying an over priced NYC gym membership, instead, I’m going to do some work out videos in the comfort of my own apartment. Work out videos are great for those of us with less than ideal schedules – you can do them whenever, for how ever long, no judgement. So I’ll be reviewing a string of different workout videos for you guys over the next couple months as I test them out but here’s my very first!

10 Minute yoga is ah-mazing! Not for the beginner yogi, (they have a beginner version for that though) it has a great pace, flowing from pose to pose while connecting with your breath but without giving you enough time to go over your grocery list while hanging out in downward dog. I love that it’s chopped up into little ten minute segments so that even on mornings that I don’t quite have time to work out, I can do a run through of “yoga basics” and get centered for the rest of the day. My favorite is by far the “yoga burn” segment but they are all short and sweet, making it incredibly easy to switch up your workout daily and not have an excuse to skip it. I’m excited to try out the rest of the videos in this ten minute series because I think it’s an absolutely brilliant way to make work outs accessible to even the most time crunched of us all. Give it a whirl! I bought the DVD, but it’s also available on Netflix instant play!