Sweet Talk: Integrity


In this lovely installment of “don’t make me write a blog post about you”, I would like to discuss the subject of integrity. For those of you who question how relevant this is to my blog, I say to you,” I have a blog and I’ll rant if I want to!”. Kidding! Gosweetandskinny is about the SWEET and skinny life and this can certainly help you out with the first part of that! Integrity is a really easy way to make your life work for you and strengthen your relationships in all areas of your life and I think it’s something in our text crazed, facebooking iPad world that has gone to the waste side!

I have noticed more and more that my lady friends and business contacts can become huge black holes for communication at times! Not to be sexist, but for men when it comes to business I usually get a speedy response but that hasn’t been the case with some female contacts lately. I’ve felt like a crazed girl after the third date waiting for a text back about a business lunch! It’s absolutely ridiculous! Now, I know I’m no saint and can be completely guilty at times of falling off the planet for a day or two when I’m super busy BUT I would never make plans with someone and then just not get back to them or completely ignore a text MSG/email/etc. Ladies, we need to look out for each other, help each other fulfill our personal and business goals and I am telling you the foundation for everything is your integrity!

What does that mean? Answer every call, respond to every txt right away? Not necessarily, it’s probably easier than calling someone back or remembering to text later but I know how annoying an electronic leash can be so you can get back to people in an appropriate time frame. However, it is important to get back to people! Relationships are so crucial to our livelihood and you want to have a reputation of reliableness and communication in both the your personal and professional world. You know how annoying it is when a guy your dating is posting in Facebook while not answering your texts? Guess what? It’s just as annoying when it’s a different scenario with a business contact. You can’t hide in our social media crazed world. You don’t have to say yes to every meeting or tackle every project, just say something and stick to it. If you say your going to do something make it happen and if you physically can’t do something then let them know that. Under promise and over perform but never the opposite.

After some recent incidents inspiring this blog entry, I’m definitely going to give myself a big integrity check up and make sure I’m keeping up with my word. I’m going to clear and file my inbox tonight so that I can easily see which messages need my attention and I’m going to schedule a time each evening to check my txts and vmails to make sure I respond to everyone even when I’ve had a crazy day. What will you do? We can all improve our integrity and we’re not always going to be perfect but if we make an honest effort we’ll be well on our way!

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