Yogic Sanity


I don’t usually write terribly blog like personal articles without a recipe or something to review but today I was compelled to share my ‘yogic sanity’ with you. As you may have read, my new late night addiction has been candle light yoga and it has made all the difference! Now not only do I look forward to my evening sessions to unwind and center myself but I’ve also been craving yoga in the AM and doing a more intense yoga flow to start my days!
However, what I really wanted to share with you is the effects it’s had on my mental state. In my usually chaotic overbooked life, I often find myself easily stressed and overwhelmed but lately it feels as if someone has hit the slow motion button on my days. I am calmer, more centered and have a better perspective on life’s little mishaps. I find myself getting more done because I spend less time worrying about it. It’s been a wonderful revelation and I’m excited to keep up with it and see what other long term benefits will come. So that’s my advertisement for daily yoga, have you experienced related effects of daily exercise? Email me at gosweetandskinny@gmail.com, I’d love to hear your story!






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