I’ve spent the last five days on a detox plan and I am not proud to say that it was a lot more challenging than I had thought. I typically tend to do juice detox so this was my first official ‘eating clean’ detox. Essentially all I could have was 4 cups of green tea, herbal tea, fruits & veggies, quinoa, black beans, lentils and almonds. Oh and I could have some oats in the morning! Not bad, right? It doesn’t seem hard because you still get to eat and your not just surviving on juices but it still has eliminated all processed foods and sugars (other than natural fruit sugars).

Would I advise you to try this detox diet plan ?
Sure,the detox is nutrient loaded and can help you get creative with fruits and veggies. You’ll end up discovering you have a taste for way more healthy meals than you ever thought. You’ll also ween yourself off sugar and coffee, which is HUGE progress! I’m finished with the detox but I’m still maintaining awareness of not consuming a lot of sugar or processed foods.

Did you lose a lot of weight?
Well, I lost a few pounds but keep in mind I generally eat pretty healthy and didn’t have much to lose. If you continued to consume the detox foods past the 5 days and adapted it as more of a vegan or clean eating lifestyle you would certainly see weight loss and if you normally eat pretty crappy, you are absolutely guaranteed to drop some pounds.

Were you hungry or tired all the time on the detox?
I was a little tired at first because I was extremely coffee dependent but after the first day or so that subsided and I was fine. I did notice myself sleeping “harder” at night, if you know what I mean. I would literally pass out and not budge till my alarm rang in the morning. Hungry I wasn’t but I was craving things ALL THE TIME! The oats and quinoa fill you up but your left feeling kind of empty, itching for something more. I had cravings for anything from salmon to red velvet brownies, which got torturous.

On the whole, the detox diet felt great to do something nice for my body. Detoxing definitely reminded me how important it is to be aware of what we’re putting in our bodies and how good we can feel when we put high quality vitamins and nutrients into us. It’s definitely not easy to eat super healthy and not eat processed foods all the time but with a little extra time and preparing meals and planning out what your going to eat each day you can make your life more conducive to it. Clean eating is ALWAYS the way to go and I would highly recommend doing this detox diet to anyone who wants to refresh their system, gain energy and kick start some healthy eating habits!





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