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March has gotten off to a manic start for me, not that I can complain, I am much happier when I have a lot on my plate but that doesn’t always help me from feeling overwhelmed and even anxious at times. I’m sure you can relate! Sometimes you just get into that rut where there are never enough hours in the day, your head is spinning and your to-do list gives you an anxiety attack, hey, we’re human. As a New Yorker, sometimes I feel like this is a much more common state of being than in other parts of the country but that’s a whole other story! Anyways, in times of high stress and anxiety we tend to reach for comfort food. Had a bad day? You deserve a cupcake! This week been really rough at work? Let’s just stay in and order pizza. Now I’m not saying you don’t deserve a cupcake because I love cupcakes! I am saying that when your looking for something to calm your mind and balance your stressed out body, our go-to “comfort foods” do the exact opposite! Shoveling some unrefined cards down your throat is sure to give you a little pep in your step for an hour (if your lucky) but then ultimately leave you more ravenous then before and feeling empty. Same thing goes for that pizza.

So when I’m having an awful day, what do I reach for? GREEN JUICE! I know, you probably want to punch me, right? Well just hear me out. Imagine how you feel when your stressed and anxious, now think about the effect those feelings have on your body, your organs, right down to the cells. I’ll give you a hint, you’re also putting all that stress on to them! What did they ever do to you? When I reach for a green juice or whatever fresh vegetable juice I fancy that day, it reminds me that I love my body! I am so lucky to have this wonderful body that can withstand so much stress, that gets me through each day and that I am still in control of what I put in to it. To me, drinking some fresh green juice feels like a nice warm blanket all over my body. I’m getting lots of nutrients and it’s helping my body return to balance! I don’t crash in an hour and I don’t wake up the next morning next to a pizza box and feel awful about myself. But hey, if you drink your green juice, relax, center yourself and couple hours later (with a more level head) you want a cupcake or a slice of pizza, go for it! Just don’t forget to have your comfort juice!






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