pear                              Ranting is not something I often allow myself to indulge in here on but I felt an overwhelming urge to share this with you guys because it’s important to me that you are getting the RIGHT information to make accurate decisions about the food you put in your mouth! If you follow me on twitter (@gosweetnskinny) you know how much I love little factoids. I revel in ripping through the pages of a new healthy living magazine at the gym and reading all the fun facts about what super powers different kinds of foods possess, so I when I caught a few of these ‘false advertising factoids’ I felt the need to say something. First, I’m not necessarily saying that these are incorrect but if you use a little common sense you can see the false advertising. Yes, of course if you replace three cookies a day with three pieces of fruit a day you’ll lose weight! I’d be hard pressed to find a cookie healthier than nature’s candy, too. Now it’s certainly not going to hurt you if this little factoid makes you want to eat more pears but let’s not look at pears as a magical weight loss diet pill either.

Anyways, these kinds of statements are everywhere. So just keep your head up and your eyes open! Trust me, half the battle to living a healthy, skinny life is paying attention! Stay sharp, stay sweet and stay skinny!



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