Good Morning Sunshine

alarm clock
A couple weeks ago I read that a study in the UK reported that people who rise earlier, talking about 7am early, tend to be slimmer, happier and more conscientious than their later waking peers. Now for those of you who work a 9 to 5 and get your bum out of bed even earlier than 7 am, please try not to laugh at me for finding this revolutionary but I live a relatively alternative lifestyle and therefore kind of make my own waking hours. However, since reading this fact, as well as a couple other articles about women who really inspire me and seeing just how long their day is and how much they manage to fit in to their waking hours, I decided to start waking up earlier.

I’ve been making it a habit to wake up between 7 and 8am in the morning everyday and then giving myself till 9 or 9:30am on the weekends. I found that since my body has adjusted to waking up so early during the week, I don’t tend to want to sleep as late as I used to on the weekends and I absolutely love it. I am addicted to waking up earlier now! I don’t know if I’ve lost any weight cause I haven’t been paying particular attention to that but I definitely feel more accomplished in my day and get a lot more done which makes for a much happier me! I also have gotten in to some really amazing habits like going to the gym or doing some stretching yoga every morning and then having some tea, going over my goals for the year, month, week and seeing what I can tackle that day but also spend a few minutes feeling grateful for all the wonderful things I have going on in my life right now. It’s a world away from my usual grab some coffee and get myself ready to run out the door as fast as possible before my first appointment days of the past. Getting up earlier has definitely made me feel more balanced, happy and productive and I can’t imagine ever going back now. I’m enjoying the results so much that now when I have to be to set really early (like 6am/7am) I don’t even mind getting up a little earlier than necessary so I can go through my usual routine!





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