cookiedoughNope, you didn’t misread that. This is actually a recipe for a HEALTHY cookie dough dip!! Gasp, I know, I’m making all of your little girl slumber party dreams come true right now. If the idea of this grosses you out at all, I apologize, some of us like to embrace our inner fat kid and dig into raw cookie dough from time to time when no ones looking, if this is not you, forward on to the next post about kale chips. For the rest of you guilty pleasure seekers, I experimented with this healthy  ‘cookie dough’ recipe I found on “Chocolate Covered Katie” at the Super Bowl this weekend and it seemed to be quite a success. I’ve tinkered with it a bit to give you something that will have a better consistency and taste but feel free to play around and enjoy! To view the original recipe, you can click here


1 can of garbanzo beans
1/4 cup of almond butter
1/8 of tsp of salt
1/8 of tsp of baking soda
2 tsp of vanilla
4 heaping tblsps of oat bran
1/3 cup brown sugar (feel free to use agave/maple syrup but your dip will be slightly stickier)
1 bag of chocolate chips (or vegan chocolate or carob chips)

Combine all of the ingredients excluding the chocolate chips in a food processor till finely mixed. Fold in chocolate chips or vegan chocolate chips (use about half a bag) and pair with some graham crackers or cinnamon sugar pita chips! Voila! You should never ever need to get a stomach ache from eating raw eggs in cookie dough again and your getting some protein while completely indulging! Your welcome, ladies. 😉






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