Just Go! (to the gym)


A friend of mine hashtagged a photo at the gym yesterday morning “#yougotcaughtsleeping” and I absolutely loved it! It truly is about going the extra mile and honoring that commitment you are making to yourself to have a healthier body! Now, I am the first person to admit it’s not always easy but it’s ALWAYS worth it! Have you ever felt like you wish you had skipped the gym after a good workout? My guess is probably not. It’s all about showing up, not every session needs to be crazy intense but if you do yourself the favor of getting into the space regularly, you have won half the battle. You create a routine and you can build upon it and expand. Sometimes the last thing I feel like doing when I wake up is getting dressed and hitting the gym but when those less than ambitious days come and I drag myself there anyway I always reward myself with something small. It can be as simple as a sauna session afterwards or buying a new magazine to read on the elliptical but it gives me something to look forward to while I’m lacing up my sneakers. I’ve also found that having a gym buddy can really help motivate you to get to the gym more often. Sometimes my girlfriend and I will spend an hour gabbing away on side by side treadmills and totally forget we’re at the gym! Plus, it definitely helps you get out of bed when you know you have someone waiting for you at the gym.

So there’s some Monday motivation for you! Make a pledge to get to the gym everyday this work week and be a little unreasonable in what your commiting to do for your body!!