Meatless Mondays


Yes I’m perfectly aware that it’s Friday but I figured I’d give you a few days notice to plan for your first meatless Monday! I know going vegan seems completely insane and drastic to many of you and I understand, I was once where your standing. It can be quite a large undertaking to go cold turkey on meat and dairy but that’s why baby steps are so important! So let’s say you start off with meatless mondays, you can then step those up to vegan mondays or simply add more meatless days to your week! Regardless, it’s a great way to start your week on the right foot by doing something great for your body.

Did you know that women who eat a large amount of red meat and processed meats greatly increase their risk of breast cancer and heart disease? Plus all the fiber found in vegetables helps lower your risk of colon cancer! If your still having a tough time going veggie one day a week check out this incredible article.

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