As all of you Facebook fans know, I am doing Oprah & Deepak Chopra’s 21 day Meditation challenge! If your not in the loop on Facebook, click here and fix that! I have absolutely loved challenging myself to make time for a meditation each day with the over all concept being meditating on perfect health. As per usual on Monday, I had set out with the intention of writing my “Monday Motivation” post after my meditation but as soon as I saw our centering thought for today’s meditation, I knew I had to share it with you! So let’s all take a moment, take a deep breath, wash away all the scattered thoughts of the day and think about ” with awareness, I create healthy habits”. In the pre-meditation discussion, Deepak explains how so many of our unhealthy habits come out of our unconscious actions. We’re so used to reaching for the sugar to put in our morning coffee, taking the elevator instead of the stairs, or even worse, smoking cigarettes or grabbing fast food on the go, that we’re not actually self aware to what we’re doing.  Being self aware is one of the crucial tools to creating balance and health in your body. Be aware of your actions, be aware of what your putting into your body, ask yourself questions before you eat something or skip the gym. ” How is this helping me?” “What is this doing for my body?” So many times all it takes to make the right decision is asking yourself one easy question because in that question you become aware and connected to that moment and are no longer on the conveyor belt of your usual pattern. Let’s take this monday to carve a few minutes out for yourself and just repeat those centering words, “With awareness, I create healthy habits.” Think about what habitual, unconscious things you do that could be affecting your health in a negative way and what things you could consciously create as new, improved, healthy habits. Perfect health, vitality, energy , a fit body and a balanced mind all start here. Get aware!


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