Monday MoJo



mm4              Albert Einstein has some of the most amazing quotes on life, he clearly had a lot more figured out than his contemporaries may have given him credit for. This particular quote, I selected to start of our week because I feel like it’s applicable to the mind and the body! Interpret as you may for it’s YOUR monday motivation but I’ll let you in on what I’m taking away from it. In life, what makes us happier than almost anything else is forward motion. Think about it. Progress, progress, progress. Think of an area of your life your really happy about right now and I guarantee it’s because your seeing progress in that area. This is why people can have tons of money and love and still be unhappy, what they really need is growth and progress, the feeling like they’re moving forward. What areas of your life can you make progress on? Is it your health or your diet? Because your already making progress by checking out this website and showing that you care about your life and your body! Set small goals to show yourself progress, how about making it to the gym 4 times this week instead of 2 or 3? That’s progress! Little by little you can accomplish big things! Of course, you can apply it more literally as well, moving helps keep our body balanced! It clears our and head and reduces stress when we exercise, that’s why when you skip the gym for a week you’ll tend to feel a bit of kilter and maybe not understand why. Our bodies love movement whether it’s walking to run your errands, cleaning our house or jumping on an elliptical. Movement keeps us balanced and happy. So happy monday my sweet and skinny loves, get motivated and get moving!!




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