Monday Motivation #3 :)


This is a quote passed on to me from my grandma and with the recent flu outbreak in Boston I thought it was very appropriate this Monday! Often on the day to day we let little things bog us down and sadly sometimes it takes an even bigger catastrophe in our life to really put everything into perspective for us. That cute guy you went on a date with not calling you back is an epic disappointment till you find out you can’t pay rent this month or lost your job and all that can seem like your world is crashing down till your doctor finds a lump in your breast. I don’t want to scare you, just trying to prove a point. Our health is soo incredibly important and it’s usually the first thing we tend to take for granted. We only get one body so why not put into it only the purest, most healthful ingredients to keep it running on super? You know what’s better than a flu shot these days? A fantastic immune system! Your body is such a wonderfully magical machine that can be your greatest ally against sickness if you are conscious about fueling it well. So eat those veggies and fruits, drink up that freshly made green juice and wake up everyday and say thank you to your body for doing its thing and keeping you happy and healthy! Our health is really our greatest wealth.

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