I kid you not when I say this yoga video will literally make you feel like you just had a massage and sleep like a baby! I know you all know how much I love trying out various youtube yoga videos from time to time and that’s exactly how I stumbled upon this gem. Now, I will be honest, it’s not much of a work out, it’s definitely more stretching. So, I wasn’t necessarily looking for it but I wanted a yoga routine that wouldn’t keep me from falling asleep afterwards because it was pretty late at night but I had to get SOMETHING in!  Light a candle, burn so incense and let this video just loosen up every muscle in your body. I’ve had a really crazy week of recipe testing and prepping for my upcoming trip to the west coast and I truly believe stumbling upon this gem on youtube was the universes’s way of giving me a little “self-care” present! So bookmark this page and keep it for that week when you’re dying for a spa treatment or massage and just don’t have the time or money. You will thank me! 😉