applesnpb                 It comes as a shock to most people when I reveal that I was never a big peanut butter fan. I get this confused and disappointed look on peoples’ faces when I reveal this not-so- secret little factoid. “But why?” “What don’t you like?” “I love peanut butter!” I know, I get it and I’m not trying to insult your favorite nut butter but it just never struck my fancy.  I was just never really into nuts growing up and combine that with all the mixed media messages as to whether or not nuts were healthy or fatty, I just figured it was easier that way. Now as a vegetarian/vegan it’s important to look for other sources of protein to keep you powering through your day so I decided to really try to get into nut butter. My first attempt was almond butter since I enjoy eating almonds a lot more than eating peanuts , I thought this would be a likely winner and I was correct. I quite enjoy almond butter and apples! Victory! However, one faithful day I was at an event and as part of our take home gift bag there was a jar of Peanut Butter and Co’s Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter. Well I certainly didn’t want to waste a whole jar of peanut butter so I decided it sounded yummy enough to give it a whirl and boy am I glad I did. I had never thought peanut butter could taste so good! I can practically eat this with a spoon like ice cream – it’s dangerous! The really cool thing about it is that I even compared calories to normal peanut butters and it’s barely anything more. So much deliciousness with out added fat and calories – yippee!

                  For those of you who don’t live in New York City where Peanut Butter and Co’s headquarters are located or have a supply at your local supermarket, don’t fear! This can be really simple and fun to do at home! I bet if you have kids or babysit kids they would absolutely love revamping their peanut butter too! Simply go to whole foods or your local health good store and get all natural peanut butter, the kind you watch get made as you hold down the lever. Now pick up some of your favorite dried fruit or goodies and mix them in when you get home! Raisins and cinnamon are super easy and guaranteed to rock your world but if your doing this with kids they might have fun adding sprinkles or M&Ms to their mix. Another favorite of mine is chopped dried cherries and mini dark chocolate morsels, for a truly decadent peanut butter! Get creative and let me know what other fun peanut butter revamps you make!






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