Skinny Book Club: 8 HOUR Diet

It’s been a while since my last Skinny Chick Book Club post but I felt compelled to tell you about my latest read! After flipping through the pages of Women’s Health magazine at the gym, I was completely intrigued with this new 8 hour diet concept (aka intermittent fasting) and just had to buy the full book on amazon ASAP! I’m down about 5-7lbs since I started but let me say I do not have much weight to lose and I could easily see this helping people lose even more weight relatively effortlessly.

In a nutshell, we eat too many hours of the day and therefore not giving our body enough time to burn our energy stores or do some much needed cellular repairs. So by eating for only 8 hours of the day, at least 3-5 times a week, we can help our body return to its optimal health and fat burning potential. The benefits are too many to lost but its safe to say it extends way beyond mere weight loss. Think helping new skin cells regenerate, slowing cancer cell growth and protecting your brain against neurodegenerative disorders!

I simply had to give it a whirl! I will warn you, if your a breakfast lover like myself it is not easy to give that up but after a few days I got used to having my morning cup of tea and waiting till noon to break my fast. I also definitely felt it on the opposite end, after my eight hours were up a few nights I was pretty hungry and very regretful of not eating more for dinner. However, compared to most “diets” it’s relatively painless and effective, you never feel like a food is “off limits”, which is great. Definitely give this book a read! It has tons of scientific evidence to back up its theories and loads of additional nutritional information about different foods that you should be squeezing into your eight hours to get optimal performance out of your body! An overall a Go Sweet and Skinny gold star!





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