veggiesThe weather is gorgeous! The flowers are FINALLY blooming and it’s time to take your body from winter time sweaters and jackets to flowing spring dresses and soon to be shorts! I love celebrating the changing of the seasons with a nice juice detox to ease my body on to the lighter, healthier foods that we crave when the weather gets warmer. And, of course, to clean out my system of any junk I may have eaten in the past months of winter. This week I am embarking on a five day juice detox! I’m going to be experimenting with new juice combinations as well as old favorites to compile a book for you with the ultimate in delicious juice detox recipes! I will be video logging every evening to let you know how it’s going, how I feel, etc. Please come and join me on this journey! Whether you start on Monday with me or Wednesday for a three day detox, I will be here to answer any of your questions and we can get through it together! So write on my Facebook wall, comment below and let’s get juicing together!!

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