Thoughts on a Sick Day


Nothing like a sick day or two to leave you overwhelmed with ‘To Dos’! It’s certainly not as fun as it used to be in middle school when sick days were synonymous with Mom waiting on you hand and foot, no school and endless TV watching. Being sick as a grown up is downright stressful and being stressed does not help the healing process! So let me get my apology out of the way, I’m sorry I’ve neglected to post the last few days but I’m back in action now and promise to be back on the horse for your healthy living needs. I did have some interesting sick day revelations that I wanted to share with you and perhaps during this crazy flu season you may have noticed the same and can relate. Feel free to post a comment or email me at gosweetandskinny@gmail with your sick stories!

First, I’d like to point out that when your sick your body only craves what it NEEDS. I’ve been avoiding sugar for the past few days and as soon as I got sick I lost all desire for it. I genuinely could not imagine eating a brownie! Hmmph, could this be because our body inherently knows that sugar is NOT good for us? With my body on high alert all I wanted to ingest was clear liquids – tea,seltzer,water and broth based soups – I could not get enough! Well I think it’s a great a way to realize you should be ingesting more fluids like tea and water on a daily basis, even when your healthy! Our bodies need it and when our system is down for the count it clearly sends important signals to our brains that steer us to more and more liquid medicine.

Secondly, have you ever noticed how after a couple days of laying in bed sick your skin actually looks amazing? I know I tend to get frustrated cause here my skin is looking all great and I still don’t feel quite up to going out and showing it off. Well, in addition to the obvious fact that you’ve been sleeping a lot more than usual and not wearing any make up, the high consumption of tea and water is to thank for this post-illness glow. Can you imagine if you actually consumed that on a regular basis instead of waiting to get sick?

I don’t know about you but my cravings for coffee, diet coke and any other milky or sugary concoction completely disappear when I’m not feeling well and I think that says a lot! Our bodies know what they want, so why don’t we start giving it to them?





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