Top 10 things I’m grateful for..

My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is really all the gratitude that goes around. Nothing is better than getting texts from your friends about how grateful they are to have you in their life. But why should we wait for just one day a year to share all we’re grateful for?! I say write a list of your top 10 things your grateful for and read it over every morning. Can you think of a more wonderful way to start off your day? Give it a whirl, here’s my list!

1. YOU! Where would I be with out my lovely Go Sweet and Skinny readers?! Many of you have been with me for years watching the growth and evolution of the site (and me!) and for that I’m eternally grateful. It’s so inspiring to see how many people read the blog and to hear from you guys trying out all my recipes! It makes my heart smile everyday just thinking about you!

2. My family! I am so blessed to have a wonderful, caring and supportive family. They always have my back and I couldn’t ask for a better bunch of people to be related to. Their loving guidance is never more than a phone call away and their doors are always open.

3. My friends! I have always been so lucky when it comes to surrounding myself with wonderful, supportive and loving people. My old friends have been with me through thick and thin, I’m so grateful for their continuous love and support regardless of how crazy out lives have been! This year I’ve had the pleasure of making a TON of new friends through business endeavors and experiences and it has been nothing short of spectacular having these peeps in my life. You guys all know who you are and I love you all oodles!

4. My boyfriend! I’ve only known my boyfriend a few months but I’m incredibly grateful to have him in my life. He is such a loving, caring and supportive presence and it’s priceless having a partner who makes you smile day in and day out. Our stress free loving relationship is the best gift a girl could ask for.

5. Charlie! This little guy ( my westie puppy) lives with my parents and I can not wait to receive all his licks and cuddles when I’m home for the holidays!

6. My health coaching clients! I have the best clients in the world. They inspire me everyday with their hard work and determination to take care of themselves and their bodies. I truly feel most alive when I’m working with you guys! You make my heart smile!

7. My gurus! Gabby Bernstein, Kris Carr, Marie Forleo, Lynan Saperstein, Danielle LaPorte, Marianne Williamson and beyond. These kick ass, trailblazing women blow my mind day after day and inspire me to follow my heart and live my dreams. I have an amazing life doing what I love and I truly have these amazing role models to thank for keeping me on track and inspired day after day!

8. My healthy body! Virgil had it right when he said,” the greatest wealth is health”. I’m very grateful for my healthy body and strong immune system. It’s something we all to often take for granted till it leaves us.

9. Meditation and yoga!
I’ve always had a love affair with yoga but I truly got married to meditation this year and it has completely changed my life. Meditation has given me relief and piece of mind that I never thought possible. It truly empowers me to live my best life and I’m grateful the universe brought it into my life this year.

10. ABC! This year I was blessed with the tremendous opportunity of appearing on abc’s The Taste. In my audition, not only did I get to make my famous vegan cupcakes on network TV but I had the honor of watching such famous foodies like Anthony Bourdain, Nigella Lawson, Marcus Samuelson and Ludo Lefebvre eat them! Words can’t express my gratitude or the love I have for all of the amazing people I met while out in LA. They will truly be in my life forever – love you guys!!

I don’t know about you but I’m glowing just thinking about all these wonderful blessings I have in my life! Do yourself a favor and take a moment to do this yourself. It’s a lovely way to start each day and a great tool for turning a frown upside down.