Turning the day around!


“Everything we do is infused with the energy we do it with” – wise words from one of my spiritual gurus, Miss Marianne Williamson! Hit all too close to home this morning when I overslept my alarm and woke up when I was supposed to be on my way to set for the day. Absolutely worst way to wake up, right?! Despite having set at least five alarms, my body obviously didn’t feel like cooperating this AM. Naturally, I’m frantic, trying to remedy the situation and completely beating myself up but as soon as I caught my breath and was on my way I had to have a mini intervention. First, I serendipitously saw this quote and secondly, I knew that there was nothing my self-loathing was helping at the moment. So I put my big girl panties on, took a few deep breathes and allowed myself to be human. In that minute I made the choice to continue the rest of my day in peace instead of letting that frantic energy resonate with everything I did for the rest of the day. I hope this can inspire and move you to face your Mondays (and any other days) with love and peace. Maybe you can do one better than me and make that choice for peace before you get too far into that negative spiral! Our days will go as positively as our mindset allows, so let’s all have Marvelous Monday!

Peace, Love and Cupcakes,