What we eat effects how we do EVERYTHING. It’s really that simple. What we put into our bodies sets the foundation for our lives. We can choose to put nutrient dense foods that give us the vitality to go out into the world and be our best selves or we can choose processed, sugary foods that are nutritionally void and constantly battle with our own bodies in order to have the energy to accomplish the simple task we have in a day. I’ve seen clients LIGHT UP once we get them on a clean, whole foods meal plan, they will literally say ,” I’ve done nothing but start eating healthier foods and I surprisingly feel happier all the time.”  So whether you want to lose weight, feel better in your body, detox, get happy or have more energy, the food you choose to eat plays a MAJOR part in setting you up for success!

That’s the magic of food.

Now I know that hardest part of getting off on the path to blissful wellbeing can often be getting started or knowing where to start and this is where a personalize blissful eating meal plan comes in. We’ll get you jumpstart to a more radiant, energetic you by having an important chat about your intentions for laying this new healthier, nourishing foundation and then I’ll put together a customized meal plan for YOU that’s based on your life and your preferences. A lot of the time detoxes and diet meal plans fail because they aren’t made for people with REAL lives, who have REAL food preferences and don’t spend all day in the kitchen. By creating a personalized meal plan you can ensure you’re going to stick to it and you can use the food ideas long beyond the first week. You’ll also get a meal plan that’s custom tuned to YOUR goals! You’ll learn some great breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options that you can start incorporating into your daily routine. So you can  use the planned out week as a jumpstart, training wheels so to say, to get you going so you can go flying town blissed out lane when you’re done!


*Personalized Blissful Eating Meal Plan Sessions*

These sessions will be 60 minutes long and done over the phone or via skype, so that everyone has access to them.

What we’ll chat about:

  • What you’re health + wellness goals are and how we can customize your meal plan to help achieve them.
  • What your eating right now and how it’s working for you.
  • Any problems or blocks you may have around food ( anything from an allergy to a limiting belief – I want to know about your relationship with what you’re eating!).
  • How we can best design your meal plan to support your goals, work with your life and keep you satisfied and energized.

what you’ll leave with:

  •  Priceless knowledge and insight into your eating habits.
  • Plenty of ideas for what kinds of food to incorporate into your diet and how to make healthier choices for your favorite foods.
  • A 7-day meal plan with in 24 hours of our session that’s totally customized to your goals, your relationship with food and what’s going to work with both your schedule and your body most optimally. Plus all the delicious healthy recipes!
  • A solid foundation to start feeling better, nourishing your body and on your way to achieving your wellness goals.
  • Inspiration and tools to start your plan and move towards a happier, healthier, more radiant you!

total cost is only $187. Email assistant@gosweetandskinny.comto schedule an appointment time.