Compassion is the cure

Compassion is the cure

I had a really tough assignment last week, it was a bit of a curveball and definitely offered a large opportunity for growth. It’s those random thursday emails that shake you to your core and propel you into a situation you wouldn’t have imagined just moments before that really demand us to dig in to our tool box. Tonight, I checked in with myself and realized that part of me was still holding a resentment towards this person. I was upset with them for not showing up in the way I had hoped they would and I was disappointed. It was totally human and very much in my ego and illusion. Once I brought awareness to it, I asked for guidance and almost minutes later I heard the words of yogi bhajan “understand through compassion or you misunderstand the times.” and “the other person is you.” That’s when the shift in perception (or the miracle) came in. I was able to fully forgive him, see that he too was doing the best he could and we just weren’t aligned. I was able to center back in the truth after allowing myself to feel my human feelings and know that in truth we are all one. Seeing through the eyes of compassion helps us to remember our truth (love) and to free ourselves through forgiveness. When we hold a grievance, we literally stop the miracle. So if there’s someone in your life right now that you feel has hurt you, upset you or wronged you, take a minute and surrender the situation to a higher power. Remind yourself that the other person is you and that compassion is the cure. Sometimes this can transform the relationship but it also doesn’t mean that you stay in a situation that’s not aligned with your highest good, it means that you can let it go with love if that’s what meant to happen. Compassion is always the cure and forgiveness will set you free. Xo, C ✨#LightMaker

  • Katherine

    Hi Cassandra, I listened to your podcast and loved your analogy comparing cutting off your leg and taking 1 tylonel, to meditating for 5 minutes when you are looking for some MAJOR life guidance. You mentioned that you meditated for long periods of time daily when you first left acting to embark on your own journey. I was wondering how much meditation you would suggest for those seeking serious guidance from their intuition?

  • Cassandra Bodzak

    Hi Katherine! I’m so glad it connected with you. I would suggest starting with 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes at night and doing more if time allows. When I first started I spent most of the day meditating but of course, once I had to get back into the real world, I had to adjust it to fit in my schedule. The more the better though! There is no way to over do it, especially when you are starting out!