Follow Your Fun!

Follow Your Fun!

This past weekend I had a tremendous wake up call and a sharp return to FUN (aka LOVE). I was hanging out with my girlfriend who had just gotten back from a beautiful trip to Morocco and chatting away about all the things I had to get done before my move this coming Monday when she totally called me out on the drained look that took over my face as I listed off the tremendous amount of tasks on my place.

She was right. I was letting myself be weighed down by the sheer amount of items and had forgotten all about the FUN that got me to want to do all these things to begin with.

After a little back and forth it was clear to see that I had been taking life far too seriously. I managed to suck all the fun out of the amazing things I was deep down excited to be able to create because of the weight in which I was holding them.

I realized that I’ve gotten to where I am today because I’ve LEAD WITH WHAT LIGHTS ME UP and it’s important to not lose sight of that.

This is all about the journey not the destination. There is no destination, spoiler alert, we are constantly sailing new shores and arriving a new ports only to stock up some goods and move on to the next adventure. So it’s crucial that we start loving the journey, cherishing the day to day and really following our fun in each moment.

This snapped me back to my truth, I realized that I needed to bring back the fun and hold everything a little more lightly. I rescheduled or canceled things on the agenda that didn’t feel fun and tackled my soul centered project with an attitude of JOY not obligation. The result? Things got done faster and with more ease. 

A lot of people ask me who my publicist is and I love to get a good laugh about it.

“The Universe?”

That’s the truth. It’s through following my fun, leading with what lights me up and just pursuing what brought me joy that I’ve not only found my tribe but attracted amazing opportunities to share my message. So whatever stage your at, whether your trying to meet like-minded friends or you want to sit next to Oprah on Super Soul Sunday, or both, cause why not?! The secret sauce is in the DOING, it’s in the JOY, when you do something that makes you come alive, you awaken that in all those around you and that’s how you naturally start a movement of love.

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  • Katie

    I love this. I too have had to move through this type of moment and let fun/love lead the way again. For me it tends to come when I am attempting to be very sattvic in my practice/life. Sometimes letting loose and going for what really lights a spark is what we need to get back into our life in an empowered – not burnt out – way. Thanks for writing.

  • Stephanie

    Yes-I love this too! but I can’t believe how many times I have to come back to this idea of following what feels fun & joyful vs. doing what’s hard. It’s like why is it a hard concept to do what is fun & then get better results!