Introducing Eat with Intention TV

Welcome to Eat with Intention TV, a show dedicated to teaching you how to fuel your your body and nourish your soul through food, meditation and self care so that you have the energy and the tools to create a life that lights you up! In this first episode, we dive right in to my five steps to begin to start eating with intention so you can become more mindful about your eating today!

I am beyond excited to share this new project with you, it has been a labor of love every inch of the way. Ever since The Taste, I have thought about having a cooking show, however, the kind of cooking show I was determined to have wasn’t something that many producers were willing to put on air. For me, the food conversation goes way beyond me showing you how to make a quick, delicious recipe on camera, it’s about your relationship with food and your body, it’s a conversation of self-love. With “Eat with Intention TV” we strive to ignite a conversation around food and offer an inspiring dialogue for you to begin a journey towards a more holistic way of living. Some episodes will have full blown recipes, others with be demystifying certain ingredients and they’ll be a few like this first one where just zero in on an important topic in the transformation around how you relate to food. I hope you’ll join us each Wednesday and let’s go on this journey together!

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