New Year, Next Level

New Year, Next Level

It’s the most magical time of the year! As most of you know, I LOVE tapping into the energy of auspicious dates whether it’s a new moon or 11/11, certain times are just natural energetic portals for us to reach new levels of clarity, joy and abundance and we are rapidly approaching perhaps the most widely recognized all over the world, incredibly transformative, energetic time of the year — THE NEW YEAR! Even before I started setting bi-monthly intentions with the moon cycles, followed angel numbers and astrology, I was always sooo obsessed with the new year. The idea of having a fresh start, a clean slate and a chance to really take an inventory of what I was ready to create for 365 blank days just waiting to be painted upon still brings my whole body to a buzz. So last year I started doing special New Year sessions and they were such a joy – mapping out the year ahead based on each woman’s soul desires and guiding them to get clear on what they are really ready to step into was electric. I knew that I had to offer it again.

In fact, this year, these sessions are even more special — not only am I in an even higher place energetically from all the amazing lessons and experiences of 2015 but I have decided that moving forward into 2016 I will no longer be taking one on one clients for the time being. I’m creating some wonderful resources for you, so there will be no lack of content or guidance from me but with my upcoming schedule seeing clients regularly has to be on hold for the time being. So this is a great opportunity to have some one on one time with me if you’ve been contemplating it – take advantage of this experience to pick my brain, allow me to hold space for you and to co-create a life that truly lights you up with me.

I’m not about this “New Year, New You” stuff — the you right now is perfect. Together we are just going to take you to the NEXT LEVEL of your being for 2016. Think of it as a system upgrade. We are going to install new technology to support you for functioning at this higher level of your life – a level that’s filled with more grace, ease, flow and abundance than ever below. A level of living that has your heart smiling and your mind at ease, are you ready?


New Year, Next Level Session

A 90 min intuitive intensive via skype/phone (possibly in person avail in NYC or LA) where we dive deep into creating a framework for your highest manifestation of 2016. We will begin with a short meditation honoring all the abundance, joy and struggles from 2015 and then enter a guided visualization for what we are ready to create and step into for 2016. We will discuss what came up for you, what foundation you can lay down to support that next level of operating for the new year and release any blocks that might be preventing you from stepping into that reality. You will leave feeling clear, energized and excited about the immense possibilities for 2016 with actionable tools to help your create the life you desire as well as the confidence and personal power to magnetize it towards you.  $333


Spaces are limited – because I will no longer be doing one on ones, I have opened it up to 10 spaces, both the end up this month and in the first couple weeks of January to accommodate. Please email ASAP to schedule your session before spots fill up.