Saying Goodbye to Go Sweet and Skinny

Saying Goodbye to Go Sweet and Skinny

Dear Go Sweet and Skinny,

Thank you for all that you have been to me. You started out as an outlet for my passion for vegan baking in college, you grew when I moved into NYC and needed something to raise my spirits while working 5 jobs and barely paying rent. Baking, being in the kitchen, writing, they were my meditations, my spiritual practice before I even awoke to my spiritual life. You have been a friend that I could share my deepest revelations with as well as my favorite red velvet cupcake recipes. You will always hold a special place in my heart, I’ll never forget you, you’ll always be a very warm, loving piece of me. You brought so much joy into my life. You brought Anthony Bourdain and ABC into my life, you were there when I won a book deal with Hayhouse, when I got my heart broken and when I fell to my knees in the shower after receiving some life changing news, you’ve been a very dear friend through a lot of life with me.

I know that this is not an end, more of a new beginning. Switching to Cassandra Bodzak isn’t about putting you down. It wasn’t about all the mean comments or emails I received from people who found skinny offensive, I always knew that my heart was in the right place when I thought you up. Skinny was my twenty year old way of describing food that would fuel a healthy body, a cuter alternative in my head at the time to describe a recipe that was good for you and delicious. Nope, I never let that stuff really bother me. This transition is simply about being me more ME and coming into my own as a twenty-seven year old woman who is so much more than a blog now. It’s about standing in my power and baring it all. Showing all of me, all the gorgeously messy little bits and being authentic beyond what I have been comfortable with before. I’m ready to embrace this next chapter of my life as an author, a spiritual wellness mentor, a meditation leader and inspirational TV personality. This “blog” or website is about me being of service in the world, it always has been at it’s heart, regardless of what I may or may not call it. And right now, I know deep in my heart that I can be of my highest service by being myself, no bells and whistles, no cutesy names, just pure, raw, loving, light-making me.

I am eternally grateful for our time together Go Sweet and Skinny and beyond excited for what lies ahead with Cassandra Bodzak.

Sending you off with bright, loving light,