how to start a meditation practice

My daily meditation practice is my lifeline. I meditate morning and night and even sometimes in between when I need to. It has helped me gain so much clarity and direction in my life, fueled me from my inner energy source and reduced my stress and anxiety tremendously. The Cassandra pre-meditation and the Cassandra post- having meditation in my life are two different people, that’s how much this work has changed me. I literally can’t speak highly enough about how it has transformed my life.
When I’m working with my clients it’s one of the first things we tackle because it creates such a solid, positive foundation for your entire life. Often, as with any good habit, it can be a little intimidating just getting started at first but once you jump that hurdle and start doing it, you’ll naturally be drawn to keep it up. The benefits will keep you coming back for more.
One of the most common questions I get is “how do I start meditating?” or “I want to meditate but I just don’t know where to start.” If this sounds like you, this video is for you! I’ll let you in on my top tips for taking the leap and show you how to start a meditation practice that sticks. I’ll ease you into it and you’ll be left wondering why you waited so long or ever questioned it! Take a few minutes for yourself, give yourself the tools that you deserve to live a life you’re obsessed with. Start meditating today.

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