A letter to a LIGHTMAKER in hiding

I wanted to open up about a business practice that is at the very core of everything I do that some of you may not have been familiar with and the recent breakthrough it catalyzed for me in stepping out more in sharing all the many facets of me.

It’s called “Letter to a LightMaker in training” and it’s the compass for everything I do in my business.

I wrote this letter for the first time a few years ago when I was in the early stages of coaching and really wanting to connect with who I was here to serve. Now, about every six months, I sit down, light some candles, drink some tea, and allow words to flow openly from my heart center on to the page about the woman I am here to serve.

I read this letter regularly and multiple times a day when making a decision to pursue a certain project or not with my work. It has served as my guiding light and I think it’s a powerful practice for any of you who are looking to start your own business or start working with clients from a heart-centered place.

In the video above, I read you my letter aloud and dive into some eye openers that have come up as a result of it. I hope you will take a minute to watch and comment below if it resonates with you.

I also want to remind you that this week kicks off my first ever — LIGHT-filled business online program and I invite you to check it out and join me on this wonderful hear centered journey to creating a business that LIGHTS you up.

  • Jodi Baxter

    Thank you Cassandra for sharing this. This is really powerful, and encourages the sharing of vulnerability. I could totally connect with everything you said. You’ve inspired me to do the same, to help me on my journey. Hopefully we can connect one day. Thank you for all that you share. You’re doing an amazing job and are very inspirational to me (and I am definitely a lightmaker in hiding – at the moment). Jodi xx