FULL MOON in Sagittarius

Today is a blue moon or a full moon in Sagittarius and I wanted to dig a little deeper into whats coming up for me around this full moon and talk to you about how to best interpret this energy right now! Sagittarius is all about truth telling and full moons signify completions, the past few weeks (or even months) may have felt like a roller coaster of ups and downs, productivity and stagnation and now we are gaining more clarity around our personal truth and collective truth. Watch the video for how to navigate this as gracefully as possible plus some other themes that have been coming up around this energy and how to best utilize them!

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  • Tracy M

    Vulnerable share to listen to your intuition for self-care and go home as you were just sharing about live events and doing more of them. Your Mom nailed it. Stand in your truth.

  • Cassandra Rae

    mom + intuition always know best! haha :) thank you for watching xoxo