Daring to Dream

Daring to Dream

It seems perfect and hilarious to me that I never ended up completing this post until the Libra New Moon but (now) the timing couldn’t be better for it and a lot of the themes I wanted to discuss with you guys anyway are super prevalent with the current astrological aspects so thank you Universe for the procrastination this week! ha

But now back to the matter at hand, so really, what are you so scared is going to happen if you allow yourself to truly dream BIG, to honor that niggling feeling in the depth of your being and (gasp) speak aloud what you would truly love to do in this one precious life we are living?

If you still are feeling the nerves about the potential to fail then I highly recommend checking out this interview I did for Megan Bruneau’s Failure Factor Podcast where we dive into the ups and downs of failure and why it’s actually super important to ultimate success.

For me, I’ve always been a BIG dreamer, not sure how that happened — you can blame it on the pisces in me, blame it on the crazy in me, blame it on how illogical I am — yet it’s always been an important part of my life. I spent so many years growing up LIVING in my dreams to escape my reality. My big, bold, bright as the sun dreams were my medicine, my saving grace, and in some ways my coping mechanism for whatever life was handing me at the time. So a funny thing happened once my life started feeling more and more like a dream in my mid-twenties, my relationship with my dream changed. I dreamed about living across the country in Santa Monica and so I did it. I dreamed about having a book published and so I did that. And then one fateful day came along and I was in the middle of a group text conversation with a few of my soul sisters and a single, harmless question stopped me in my tracks.

“What would you do if you weren’t so concerned with savings the world?”

Whaaaaaaat?! Wait. Isn’t my only purpose to save the world?! OR at least completely exhaust myself trying?!

No, said the deep voice coming from the peaceful part of my soul — your job is to find what lights you up and do THAT. The whole saving the world, helping people, making an impact, that happens WHEN you are lit up, when you get live your DREAM because that’s how show you people what’s possible for them. “The world needs more people who have come alive.” – famous John Lennon words.

“I would be a cooking show host and write books for the rest of my life.”

There it was. So easy. Like it had been hiding out there all along under blankets of guilt and shame. It had. I was ashamed. I did feel guilty about it. I thought, “I’m a coach, I’m a speaker, I’m a meditation teacher — wanting to host a cooking show is so vain, it’s not as spiritually ‘worthy’.” I was scared to dream. I was scared to even think of my dream to myself no less share it publicly with the world. “What would they think?” “Would people not want to work with me as a coach if they new that as much as I do love that — there was an even bigger dream on the horizon?” “Would I get laughed at or shunned?” Yano, the typical insanity that swirls around our brain right before we are about to own a truth of ours in any really big way.

Yet once it came out of my mouth (or out of my fingers to the text thread), I felt an insane amount of freedom. It was like the clouds parted and the angels started singing because I finally had ALLOWED myself to own my big dream again.

I felt more aligned than ever and I also realized that WHATEVER I did I would be using as a catalyst to spread light so it doesn’t matter if I’m a barista at starbucks, NYT best selling author or a cooking show host. It’s me, I’m light, I’m clear on my message and my mission so I can turn anything into a catalyst for raising consciousness and helping people live their best lives — and guest what? SO CAN YOU.

Which brings me to the first video for you in the “Dreaming to Doing It” series!

I recorded three videos after coming home from the set of Hallmark’s Home and Family TV and having a super fun day at work doing what I love. I just felt super compelled to start talking with you guys about following your dreams AND about how important it is to let those big, juicy dreams of yours see the light of day. This is just the first to get you going, if you want to be the loop for the next two later this week, make sure you are subscribed to my email blast — I’ll be dropping them there!


  • Mikayla Harmon

    Thanks for being such a genuine, authentic blogger! I have recently started working on my own blog and getting it ready to launch, and you have been a huge inspiration for me. It’s so exciting for me to see your success and that you’re able to blog about all these topics you care so much about!! Thank you for sharing :)