How to Hold Strong When People Diss Your Dream

How to Hold Strong When People Diss Your Dream

Finally, the second video in my “Dreaming to Doing It” series and we are tackling the nay-sayers!

I thought this was a super important topic to drop in on because that sad truth is that this is an inevitable reality that every big dreamer faces. You will at some point or another come up against someone (and gasppp –it could be someone that really loves you and that you really love!) who belittles your dream in a direct or indirect dream and if you are not primed for this, you may actually take what they say seriously. Which I would NEVER want you to do. 

What a lot of people don’t talk about is the fact that so much of turning your dreaming into your doing is keeping it sacred in your heart and protecting it from the projections of others. Click the video below to hear some of my real talk on the subject as someone who deals with this on a regular basis..


So what do you think? Are you feeling more prepared to tackle those people who may diss your dream? Let me know in the comments below. I have found that so often with my clients, a lot of the battle is simply KNOWING that it’s just part of the course, it’s not personal and it’s something that everyone that you admire or feel inspired by has tackled at some point in their life and probably still continues to tackle it but is just better at putting the nay-sayers on mute by now!

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