Happy New Year!

2018 is upon us, and I know that’s making for some very happy campers after a rather tumultuous 2017 for many of us. As most of you know from Aprecity or following my moon meditations, I am a big believer in ritual and what a sacred time of year this is for us to formally close the book on 2017 and powerfully (and intentionally) step into 2018.

** It is recommended that you set aside an hour and 15 minutes in a comfortable, sacred environment where you will not be distracted for this workshop. Supplies needed for the ritual include: journal (or pad of paper) with a pen, one candle (preferably in glass so it can burn down fully safely!) and a small glass with a little bit of water in it. You may also bring any crystals, palo santos or sage to the table with you if you feel called but they are NOT required – so don’t sweat it if you don’t have them! **

In this workshop, you will:

– Hear a little bit about me and why this particular ritual has been so powerful in my life.

– Get clear on the “weeds” you’d like to pluck from your garden that grew in 2017 as well as the ‘roots’ that nourished those weeds so you can really say good bye for good.

– Hear about the astrology going on this week (Full Moon in Cancer + Uranus Retrograde, oh my!)

– Do a meditation for connecting to the temple at the core of your being where your divine blueprint resides.

– Receive guidance and imagery for who is ready to emerge from you in 2018 as your most lit up, abundant, joyful, purpose driven self.

– Get clear on what mind, body, soul rituals (or roots) need to be put in place for that YOU to blossom and be nourished.

– Perform a ritual with me to energetically release the 2017 weeds and nourish the 2018 seeds that we are planting.

– Hear about my Practical Magic 6 month Training Program and have an opportunity to schedule a call with me if you feel called to this sacred apprenticeship

Enjoy! xo, C


If after watching the workshop you feel strongly called to the Practical Magic Training in 2018, please fill out the form and schedule a chat with me here so we can see if you are a good fit for the program. I will be keeping this group very intimate because it is a very intensive and high touch mentorship.