How to Stay Balanced While Traveling: Reflections from my Trip to Sundance

How to Stay Balanced While Traveling: Reflections from my Trip to Sundance

I had the tremendous pleasure two weeks ago to travel to the Sundance Film Festival (yeee! My
first time!) and partner with Aveeno to lead meditations each morning. It was an absolute dream. I led a guided meditation to help people connect to their light within and recharge themselves mind, body and soul amidst the happy chaos of the festival. We paired the meditation with Aveeno #PositivelyRadiant mini-facials with jade rollers for an inside and outside approach to getting that balanced, healthy glow.

The thing you may not realize if you haven’t been to festivals like Sundance, is that while it’s absolutely beautiful in Utah and there’s tons of fun activities and amazing people around, it can be super draining and exhausting if you are not prepared for it. I think to a certain level everyone can feel this way about traveling, even if you are going to a gorgeous beach island. You are plucked out of your routine, usually with out a lot of your usual nourishment and self-care products and it can totally throw you off balance. Sundance was a perfect example of this because here you are in this breathtaking winter-wonderland with an epic to do list of films to see, parties to attend and events to make appearances at but it could be so easy to fall out of your usual daily rituals that keep you feeling balanced. Traveling (for work or pleasure) doesn’t need to be that way. It is totally possible for you to thrive and feel radiant and centered while out of your usual routine. Here are five tips that have been total life savers for me when it comes to staying balanced while traveling.
Make your first night anywhere a total self-care slumber party.
This is my secret sauce for every trip I go on. I make sure I have at least one free evening when I arrive so that I can truly self-care spoil myself. Yes, you guessed it, this almost always includes a nice bubble bath. I make myself a nice cup of tea, put on some relaxing mantras and dip into the warm water. At Sundance, I had a lovely jacuzzi tub right in my room, so I grabbed a bath bomb and a good book and just allowed myself to relax the first night as I was getting acclimated. I’m also a big fan of rehydrating your face after a long flight so my go to “at home facial” is always a necessity. Aveeno Positively Radiant Overnight Hydrating Facial is literally magic for your skin and leaves me waking up with glowing skin regardless of how much sleep I’ve gotten. I also love their Positively Radiant 60 Second In- Shower Facial for nights where I may not have as much time in the evening for a bath but want a more luxurious shower experience. The lemon peel extract and moisture-rich soy complex leave my skin feeling fresh, awake and radiant so those two products are some of my key travel companions, along with a nice bath bomb or some lavender epsom salts for my first night bath. Taking a little extra time to pamper myself on night one sets a more balanced, relaxed rhythm for the entire trip. And after all, your skin is a reflection of your overall wellness, so give it a whirl on your next adventure.

Stock up on your must have supplies + get familiar with your local resources.
First thing I do while in the car from the airport to the hotel is look up the local stores. Is there a Whole Foods? What’s the general store like? Does the hotel have anything in the lobby or in walking distance? Then, based on what I find, I take a quick trip to gather some essentials. For me, this generally looks like some healthy snacks, almond milk creamer for my coffee, water if the hotel doesn’t provide it, and something that could be a substitute breakfast in case I have a crazy morning, like instant oatmeal, coconut yogurt and/or some fresh fruit. It’s a small inconvenience at the start of your trip to run to the store but it’s worth its weight in gold when you feel more nourished and taken care of every morning as a result. One of the biggest things that causes us to feel out of balance while traveling is eating out a lot and eating foods that might be heavier or more processed than we do at home so even having a simple breakfast and healthy snacks really helps keep you feeling your best while on the road.


Break a sweat ASAP.
Listen, you guys know I am the farthest thing from a work out addict but there is a certain magic about getting into the hotel gym that first morning (at least) and breaking a sweat. Working out recalibrates your body and brings you back to balance. To be totally honest, I probably use the gym more while traveling than I do when I’m home, haha. It makes me feel like a million dollars after a long flight the day before and helps my body find it’s happy rhythm after a good sweat session. Don’t take my word for it. Give it a try next time you’re traveling and thank me later.

Keep up your daily morning meditation practice.
I loved that Aveeno partnered with me to bring meditation to the busy Sundance scene for a one, two radiance punch along with their facials. A daily morning meditation practice is possible for you to do anywhere and can be your best friend when it comes to staying balanced and keeping that glow going all trip long. Whatever your practice may be, make sure you schedule time for it in your morning while traveling. Taking those 10-20 minutes for yourself will ground you, balance you and keep you in your best head space for whatever the day throws your way.

Surrender the schedule and go with the flow.
Sometimes it’s easier than others but surrendering the agenda when possible and going with the flow is what really got me back into enjoying my travel again. I am not someone who thrives when scheduled within an inch of my life so having large pockets of the day where I could decide at a moment’s notice what I felt like doing felt super freeing to me. Of course, every day I had my morning schedule with the meditations but when it came to the afternoon, I allowed myself to decide if I wanted to ski, walk down main street or spend an hour relaxing in the room before heading out for the rest of my day. This is definitely a process of knowing yourself and what feels good for you. Some people love having their agenda all laid out for the day and THAT feels like the loving and kind thing to do; but, for me, allowing for more space and open-ended time feels super self-honoring and fun! Neither is right or wrong, it’s just about honoring what the most balancing choice is for you.

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And there you have it, my top 5 tips for staying balanced while traveling! What do you think?
Which ones are you going to give a whirl? Anything you think I missed? Let me know in the
comments below. Traveling and staying balanced is always a work in progress and I have a trip
this month to France and Spain, so I’ll be looking for even more ways to stay glowing and
feeling great — even after a 15-hour flight!