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Are you sick of just surviving? Ready to start soaring?  Tired of feeling like no matter how hard you try you’re just not making any progress? I know what it’s like. You’re going to yoga, maybe you’ve read some great self-help books, you even started drinking green juice like your favorite “gurus” but something still hasn’t clicked. You’re just not there yet. I spent years in that place. I know what it’s like to be trying everything, reading everything and still have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. To be physically exhausted from all the affirmations you keep telling yourself and wondering when you get to be really truly happy instead of just pretending. I believe you absolutely can have a life that LIGHTS you up.


You can wake up and feel amazing each morning. You can learn what foods help you shine your brightest, give you energy and create that glow that only comes from within. I help people create a LIFESTYLE that lights them up from the inside out. I believe in a mind-body approach to wellness. Fuel your body on clean, clear, bright energy, love your body and learn how to quiet your mind so that you can listen to the inner guidance with in. I do believe that both food + meditation are vital instruments in being able to follow your personal intuition and that the key to a truly amazing life is being able to listen to the guidance that comes from within. Letting the light within shine it’s brightest is coming from a place of self love and that’s exactly what I work with clients to cultivate. 
     As one of my mentors, Kris Carr, says when people ask her what degrees she’s earned, “ I’ve got the most important letters after my name, L.I.F.E.” and she’s spot on. Yes, I did get certified by the institute of integrative nutrition and went to plenty of meditation classes but the credential I have that makes me an expert at what I do, is my life!My biggest achievement to date is becoming the woman I am proud to say I am today.     Little personal story, on my dad’s 50th birthday I bought him tickets to a concert in Manhattan and sent him off with my brother to go have a few drinks, get his groove on and feel like a kid again. Later that night, albeit a little tipsy, my dad called me in tears and told me that he knows he must of done something right with his life to end up with a daughter like me. That he was so proud of me for marching to the beat of my own drummer, always taken the path least traveled and for settling for nothing less than doing what I love on a daily basis. I still get teary eyed just thinking about it. I’m pretty sure there isn’t an award on this earth that could overwhelm me with more pride and joy than that phone call did.  It’s those moments, whether it’s a client’s sweet words or my parents’ pride that I know the true importance of spreading this work.So what exactly do I do?       I work with people all over the world to help them create a lifestyle that LIGHTS them up from the inside out, to help them start living the life they want, the one they can’t wait to jump out of bed to get started on.  My clients start glowing from inside out through a combination of food and body knowledge and spiritual mentoring. They feel lighter, more energized and excited about life just weeks after we start working together. We work together to bust through anything that may be blocking them, create daily rituals to help support them functioning at their highest potential and eliminate any thoughts, beliefs or habits that are sabotaging them from living the life of their dreams. They feel the freedom and joy of allowing the flow of life. Through specific, personalized meditations and visualizations they gain clarity around what is they desire, they get in touch with they intuition and learn how to use it to make their life blossom before there eyes. Most importantly, they get HAPPY, happy in a way they may have never thought possible before.       My mentoring sessions are HIGHLY PERSONALIZED. I do not believe in “one size fits all” when it comes to your lifestyle. The experience is customized to create an optimal experience for YOU, not your mom, not your best friend, not even me, it’s all about YOU. This means each of my clients has a very unique experience. Some women come to me with body image and dietary issues, so that’s where we begin our journey. We’ll take a look at your what you are currently putting in your body, I’ll teach you how to decipher which foods are working for you and what’s not. We’ll go through techniques to start healing your relationship with your body and help you on your way to feeling lighter, more energized and in love with your body. Others come to me wanting to start their spiritual path and begin a daily meditation practice, so we’ll jump right in and start quieting our mind, creating a sacred space and a daily ritual. I also work with people seeking stress relief, balance, wanting to create financial abundance or looking to go bigger with their own wellness or spiritual business endeavor. Recently, many of my clients are health coaches, bloggers, yoga teachers and other spiritual entrepreneurs – our coaching together combines the necessary inner work to hold the space for having a large audience as well as practical business advice that I’ve acquired over the years of running my own blog, business and coaching practice. 

        Regardless of where you start, through out our work together we hit on all different parts of the whole and you get exactly what you need at the given time. I encourage you to start with a blast off session with me and hear about what you’re customized program would like before beginning. I also have provided a very loose, general outline for my six-month program here to give you a better idea of what our journey together will cover. If this all seems too intense and you’re still feeling a little unsure about working one on one, I highly recommend trying one of my online workshops first! They are very low cost and will give you a better feel for me as well as provide you with tools to get you going towards a lifestyle that lights you up!

 The “mini” LIFESTYLE makeover

This 50 minute session is offered via Skype, phone or in person if you’re in NYC. We will do an overhaul of your current lifestyle, take inventory of everything from your go -to foods, morning and evening routines and even time management situations you may be bumping up against. I’ll give you the tools and help to revamp your daily grind in one whirlwind session and you’ll get to hit the ground running and incorporate these new routines and habits that will support you living a LIFE that lights you up from the inside out. This can be a great test drive to my 6 month program if you want to start seeing shifts fast and feel solid about incorporating new routines to get you out of your current patterns that aren’t serving you. These sessions are super powerful and give you a real taste of what you can do simply by shifting your lifestyle.

Ready for a MAKEOVER?

** You will be contacted with in 24 hours to schedule your session once payment is received.


The LIGHTMAKER mastermind

The reason I’m so passionate about creating a lifestyle that lights you up from the inside out is because that’s exactly how I was able to run the business of my dreams and live a life of ease and flow. My business, being a love-minded leader, sharing my tools and helping people through my blog, youtube, social media, speaking engagements, workshops and one on one clients is very much at the HEART of this life I love so much. I didn’t go to business school, I didn’t buy some fancy program, I taught myself as I went along, I followed my intuition and I watched the universe throw me more opportunities than I had ever imagined. I get asked all the time for business advice because people know that from me it’s not coming from a place of fear or “hustle” and I love helping other #lightmakers shine their brightest. Together in this mastermind we’ll take a look at where you’re at and I’ll give you some actionable advice you can start using right away to bust through any block and create a business that flourishes and feels good! Owning your own business, sharing your light with ease, flow and abundance is very much integral in having a lifestyle that lights you up from the inside-out. We’ll get clear on what that looks like for you and get you on the path to where you want to be!


** You will be contacted with in 24 hours to schedule your session once payment is received.


The Blast Off!

  This 75 minute introductory session is your gateway drug to the light life. It’s a great way to meet me (via Skype) and pick my brain with all those questions that have been swirling in your head. We’ll discuss where you’re at right now, what area of your life you’re feeling blocked in, and I’ll launch you past them with some actionable tools and strategies. I’ll help you shed light on some dark spots you may have right now and we’ll get a feel for what it’s like working together. This is also a great time to discuss what your personalized program would look like if you are interested in long term mentoring as well as ask me any and all questions you may have. This session can be exactly what you want it to be, it can blast off your love life, your inner peace or your business! Wellness professionals, coaches, bloggers and beyond – feel free to use your blast off session for some much needed insight to get your business soaring to new heights.

Ready to Blast Off?

** You will be contacted with in 24 hours to schedule your session after payment is received.



Having a bad day? A bad week? Need some help right this second? Then you might need a 90 minute Flip The Switch session. I created this session after doing a series of extended mentoring meetings for women who had just gotten dumped, been cheated on, lost there job or experienced severe traumas on the fly. I realized that sometimes we have “life-mergencies” and we need to get out of the dark FAST. The Flip The Switch session is for you if you need help turning the lights on in a specific area of your life and FAST. I do my best to accommodate these sessions at my absolute earliest convinence and often allow them to be scheduled outside my regular coaching hours due to the urgency of their nature. In these sessions we will laser focus in on the situation at hand, shed some light and help you gain clarity around it. I’ll guide you through a personalized mediation experience in addition to the mentoring and you’ll leave feeling lighter, brighter and more at peace with the circumstances at hand. I’ll also give you a recording of your guided meditation during the session as well as a “light prescription” for daily actions and tools to keep you going long after our time is up!

Ready to Flip the Switch?

** You will be contacted with in 24 hours to schedule your session once payment is received.


If this all seems too intense and you’re still feeling a little unsure about working one on one, I highly recommend trying one of my online workshops first! They are very low cost and will give you a better feel for me as well as provide you with tools to get you going towards a lifestyle that lights you up!



If you are truly ready to create a life that lights you up, you’re completely done with simply surviving and you want to soar, there are a few different ways that we can work together one-on-one. All of my programs are available in 3 month or 6 month options, for the full benefits, I HIGHLY recommend the full six months, most people who do 3 months end up re-signing to finish out the complete six. It’s a journey and six months allows us the time to truly help you create a life that lights you up in every area. One on one coaching programs are HIGHLY specialized and tailored to each client’s individual needs. This general overview is only to give you an idea of the kinds of topics we will cover, tools we’ll use and breakthroughs possible. For a more personalized road map of your program, I highly recommended starting off with a BLAST OFF session so that we can get a feel for each other and I can better communicate what working together would look like for you personally. If you’d rather just jump in – your more than welcome to send me a brief email with your personal goals and intentions and I will give you a better idea of what your program would entail for free. 



  • Includes bi-weekly 45-minute sessions via teleconference (phone) and email support between sessions as needed.
  •       This is perfect for someone who wants to get started and take their life to new levels but has financial constraints or perhaps is a student. It’s an affordable option to get the mentoring you need in a way that can work for your budget. It’s also a great option for someone with a jam packed schedule or that wants a “lighter” dose of coaching. Perfect for someone who doesn’t need a ton of FaceTime or hand holding and is ready to take the initiative and responsibility to make progress in between sessions.
  •       In these six months, we’ll dive deep into what habits, patterns and beliefs are keeping you stuck and release them to help you find the flow of your life. You’ll gain clarity around issues that matter most, learn how to tap into your inner guidance and feel lighter and more energized than ever. Together we’ll create a lifestyle that supports you being the best version of you. (click here for general program outline)
  •     You’ll walk away feel clean, clear, bright and energized about life. You’ll have accomplished the goals you set out to when we begun, made more personal head-way than you even imagined and have the infrastructure in place in your life to support the new habits, thought patterns and happiness you’ve created in our time together. You’ll be glowing from the inside out and tremendously proud of how far you’ve come. Your friends will probably start wondering if you’re using some special face cream to look so radiant. ;)

Ready to Rise?


  • Includes bi-weekly 1-hour sessions live or via Skype as well as unlimited email support between sessions.
  •      This is perfect for you if you are a face person like myself! I LOVE looking in your eyes, seeing your smile light up my screen and getting to see you like an old friend on a coffee date. It’s also perfect for you if you tend to forget some of your questions in the moment and want to be able to email me at your hearts desire all week long as you take on whatever challenges come up. Elevate is for those who are seriously ready to make some head way in their life, you are so over functioning and your wings are just itching to fly! You get face time, more time with me every other week and 24/7 access to my insights via the inter webs. It’s also a great middle ground option for those of you who would like something a little more intense than RISE but who don’t quite need all the support that comes with the FLY package. Nestled right in the middle, this middle child is by far the most popular of the three!
  •     In the six months six months we are going to peel back many layers of your onion and allow that beautiful self-loving light to start shining through. We’ll tackle each area of your life and shed some light, clarity and energy on it. You’ll get a chance to blast through any blocks you walk in with when we start working together as well as navigate the beautiful assignments that will inevitably pop up in your life through the course of our work together. You’ll start elevating your relationships, your health, your career and your overall happiness from the very first month. (click here for general program outline)
  •       You’ll walk away after the program having “leveled up” in life. You’ll be bursting with energy and excitement for the life you live and will barely be able to contain yourself from spreading the light to everyone in your life. You will have experience major breakthroughs in key areas of your life and feel a renewed sense of passion in each area of your life. You’ll be shining brighter, ready to go bigger and lighting up every situation you enter. You might even start freaking people out about how jazzed you are for life, you’ll probably attract a partner you could have never dreamed of before and be loving your career in a way most people can’t even fathom, the possibilities are as endless as your enthusiasm.

 Ready to Elevate?


  • Includes bi-weekly 1-hour sessions live or via Skype, two ½ hour check ins per month, and unlimited email support between sessions.
  •     This is for you if you are ready to BIG right now and know you need a constant running buddy along the path. FLY is for those of you who want weekly chats, insights and support. Who are going to want to email frequently and make rapid progress or need more support than most. It’s a beautiful thing to know yourself, know what you need and ask for it, so I’ve created FLY for those out there who LOVE some hand holding, who want me to walk beside them along this journey and ensure they stay committed to creating a life that they LOVE. This is for you if you refuse to spend another day functioning and not FLYING. You mean business. This is your package my super powered rockets, I’ll hop in and be your pilot.
  • In this package, we will make over your life with light. We are going to illuminate any of the dark and stormy corners you may have going on right now. You’ll establish daily rituals that are going to keep you on track and gain the awareness to be elevating your life on a constant basis. You’ll feel completely and totally supported every step of the way and get guidance on everything from the major goals you walk in with to the day to day trials and tribulations that will come up as we work together. You’ll get all the tools you need to really take your life from functioning to flying and the side by side mentoring to make big changes fast. (click here for general program outline)
  • After the program, you will be soaring to new heights. You’ll jump out of bed in morning with exciting, energy and vigor for your life and look around at the structure you have in place to keep yourself at this new higher plane with awe and pride. You’ll be your best self more than not, start inspiring those around you and truly LIGHT up from the inside out. You won’t even believe that you could have lived any other way, trust me.

Ready to Fly?

Questions? Need more info? Beam me and we’ll sort it out!