The launch into light program // three different ways  ( rise / elevate / fly) to get six months of mentorship with Cassandra to co-create a life that LIGHTS you up from the inside out. Everybody’s path is different and everybody’s program is highly specialized to your particular journey. We’ll laser in on the area of your life that feel the darkest and I’ll guide you through flipping the switch, letting light in so that you can start living a life that energizes and excites you from the deepest level! The following is a standard outline for the program that I have found to be most effective through my experience as well as the experience of many clients up till this point. It’s not set in stone, merely a guideline for making sure you have the most transformational six months possible. When we have our blast off session we can go further into detail about what your needs are and how we can structure the program to be optimized for your personal lumination.


In the first month, we’ll set the stage to build your brightest life on. We’ll discuss your goals, what’s been holding you back and bust through some old thought patterns and habits that aren’t serving you. Once we chip away at what’s been keeping you stuck right now, we’ll start diving in and replacing it with habits, rituals and truths that serve your highest good. This month, we will also specifically focus on food and rituals (unless something else is at the forefront of your life that we need to address!). Food sets us up to either function or fly and we can make dramatic shifts in our energy and mood by properly fueling ourselves. We’ll look at how you’re feeling right now, you’re thoughts and beliefs around food and what is and isn’t working. We’re also going to take a look at your daily routine and start creating a daily ritual that serves you in being the best version of you. I’ll guide you through a personalized meditation for your best life as well as any releasing or specialized meditations to start incorporating in your practice. If you’re new to meditation we’ll start small and I’ll guide you easily and effortlessly into a regular meditation practice that works for you.


Month two is all about further solidifying the work we’ve just begun in the first month. We’re going to go even deeper into what’s been holding you back and I am going to show you how to release the thought patterns that are no longer serving you, this will include meditations, visualizations and daily practices designed for releasing. We’ll focus specifically on what is most present for you right now, whether that’s food, negative self talk, body image, finances, career, relationships, etc. However, food and negative self talk is often a great place to start. You’ll start incorporating daily practices for releasing your blocks and start fueling your body with food and providing it with self care so that you are starting out at a happier, healthier, more energized starting point each and every day. You will already be feeling a massive shift at this point and your friends and loved ones will start asking you “what you’re on”. The glow is seeping out!


Life is already looking and feeling better than ever and now we can focus in on where you’re big fears or negative blocks are. What’s blocking you from total self-love? Where does your life not feel so “lit up”? Through the situations present in your life, we will focus on self love and standing in your power. Whenever we are feeling drained, unhappy or weighed down in a certain area it’s because we’re blocking the flow of light, we’re not loving ourselves completely or we’re not standing in our power. We will take a closer look at what’s coming up for you right now and start peeling away the layers to self love. You’ll also start finding your own personal power and how setting boundaries, self care and knowing where your power lies can help you move further towards the life you want. These themes will be present through out our work together and essential to your path to a life that lights you up. It’s BIG work and heavy lifting but together we’ll tackle your biggest sabotageurs and get you into a space of ease, flow and abundance.


It’s possible that we may have touched on this earlier if it was coming up for you but during our fourth month we will tap even farther into creating abundance from the inside out and having a career that lights you up. Now that you’ve gone from functioning to flying in your personal life, you’re career and financial situation will either effortlessly start moving that way or you’ll experience a major block which will be 100x more noticeable than before because you’re flowing in so many other aspects of your life. It’s okay, it’s perfect if that happens! We can focus in and help release and let go of whatever limiting belief or core fear is holding you back. We’ll create energy and excitement around your career and money sector and elevate you to the next level by providing you with tools and insight to help you fly freely!


Relationships are our biggest source of growth. We’ll be working with the relationships in your life through out our time together however in our fifth month we’ll dive even deeper to what your relationships are telling you, what you’re attracting and how see each person in your life as an assignment. You’ll tackle any “relationship growing pains” you may have experienced during our work together and learn how to start cultivating more connections that are an energetic match for your new LIGHTER life, how to deal with people in your life who try to sabotage your growth or keep you stuck in old patterns and take your relationships to an even higher elevation. We’ll tackle what’s most prominent for you first but hit all major relationship areas from romantic, friends, family to co-workers and even mentors!


This last month will seal up our time together. We’ll go through any areas that are still causing you difficulty and make sure you have a solid infrastructure in place to keep your new healthier, higher functioning habits, patterns and rituals in place to keep you soaring long after our time together. I’ll answer any questions and we’ll review the tool kit you’ve collected in our time together so you feel ready and equipped to take flight on your own!


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