Thank you for watching me while I lived out one of my wildest dreams and not only get to make my yummy vegan cupcakes on national TV but I get to feed them to four of the most respected chefs in the game! Getting the opportunity to audition for The Taste has really been a dream come true for me. I can’t even tell you how many times I had to pinch myself while I was out in LA with my family to film it! The entire day of my audition my stomach was a wreck, my heart was racing and my feet couldn’t touch the floor. The feeling of being on that stage while Ludo Lefebvre, Nigella Lawson, Marcus Samuelsson and Anthony Bourdain eat YOUR cupcakes, well it’s both terrifying and incredible! I wouldn’t have traded it for the world!

        Getting picked by Ludo was absolutely incredible! I wanted to jump up and down, hug him, scream, cry, you name it! Working with him and all the other chefs on the show was truly the experience of a lifetime. I learned so much from working in Ludo’s kitchen and from my fellow cooks on the The Taste, it blew my mind and I tried to soak up every second of it! I don’t want to go into too much detail for anyone still catching up on the show or watching it on ABC on demand but check out the videos below if you’d like to see some of my vlogs about the show as well as some highlight reels of my moments on the show – everything is in order of how it happened on the show so please watch at your own discretion! That’s your spoiler warning! Thank you so much for checking these out and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to my youtube channel for more cooking videos + healthy living inspiration. Also, feel free to sign up for my weekly email blast if you want to get a little love note from me once a week with recipes, current videos and more fun sweet + skinny stuff – just click here!

Here’s a little video I recorded Pre-Pre Audition, when I was just auditioning to get to audition for the mentors..

And this was my first night in LA before the real audition for the four teams! :)

Here is the actual audition clip for The Taste..

ah! the infamous chicken scandal! Here’s what I have to say about it 😉

I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun we had in the kitchen! Here are some great clips of me cooking with the insanely talented chef Ludo Lefebvre and Chef Aaron Sanchez – these are from episode 3

This one still makes me all teary with knots in my stomach.. my final moments on The Taste

Here are some videos with my fellow Taste Buds! More coming soon! :)