You go to yoga. You drink the green juice. Your life looks glowing and amazing on instagram.

YOU'VE EVEN SAT IN MEDITATION OR started journaling. Everyone thinks you've got it all figured out.

But let’s get real.

The happiness, the energy – it's just the highlight reel. You feel like you've tried it all but you still haven't figured out how to have a happy, loving relationship with your body. You secretly think that life would "just work better" if you lost a few pounds, if you could actually stick to that healthy diet and gym routine instead of succumbing to those secret cookie binges or late night pizza runs. You know that there's a life beyond worrying about what's on your plate, a life where you feel radiant and comfortable in your own skin and you are determined to find it.

Well you've come to the right place. Let me guide you to the other side.