Oh, dating in a big city, where do I start? First, let me tell you single ladies while it may seem like a daunting, even frustrating task at times, I ask that you embrace the last remaining trace of chivalry in New York City, the free dinner. Please take full advantage of this lovely little gift, I strongly advise making a list of current restaurants you’d love to try, places that have healthy options and of course your personal favorite go-tos. So next time, when that cute guy is stuttering over his words trying to ask you to dinner, you can chime right in with “actually I’d love to try (insert trendy new restaurant name here)” and make his life a little easier. Men love a woman who knows what she wants and if your giving this prospective candidate an entire evening of your time you should at least know your going to get a good meal out of it! Plus trying new places together is a great bonding experience for you both with no pressure on either of you if it’s a dud.

Okay, I’m no Patti Stanger here so I’ll stop with the dating advice and get to the skinny stuff, which is more in my line of expertise. Although, I’m pretty sure I’m in a more stable relationship than that Millionaire Matchmaker, any who. Moving on…Sometimes, when we finally find a guy who makes us all warm and gooey inside, it’s a little harder to say no to getting that artichoke pizza at 2am or indulging in a giant sundae at that cute ice cream shoppe. I mean he’s telling you how beautiful you are all the time and your ordering take out in bed in together, next thing you know none of your jeans fit and you throw your scale out the bathroom window. Sound familiar? It happens to the best of us! So here are a few quick tips on how to get yourself in check, be happy, stay skinny and enjoy your dating life with out packing on the pounds.

If you want the salad, ORDER the salad.
Sorry to rant here but I absolutely abhor those girly mags that tell you a guy’s fantasy is when a girl orders a big steak or cheeseburger on a first date. Personally, if his fantasy was you eating a fried cockroach on a first date, would you do THAT? Right, point made. I’m not saying you can’t order the steak if your totally craving one. I’m just saying that if you really want a salad or something light, or your really happy that you’ve been sticking to your new healthy eating plan, don’t be afraid to stay true to yourself. You have nothing to prove to this man, you should eat the same way you would eat if you were all alone at that restaurant.

Sharing means caring. It also means less calories for you!
Ladies, this really is the best of both worlds. Sharing is really romantic and can show you a lot about a man but what it REALLY does is let you have your cake and eat it too (and isn’t that what it’s all about!?). Example, I order my Waldorf salad appetizer, my boyfriend orders fried zucchini blossoms (a favorite of mine) and I get to feel good about eating the healthy salad and sneaking a few blossoms in. It allows you to try a little bit of something potentially naughty and still have a plate of something nutritious in front of you. This is also great for dessert! I love dessert, as if you couldn’t guess from all the cupcakes! However, when I make my boyfriend split a dessert with me I’m able to eat half the calories (if I’m really hungry) or just take a bite or two if I’m full but it was one of those things I had to try. Everyone wins!

Don’t be ashamed to doggy bag it.
I confess, I may have watched that movie “He’s Just Not That into You” more times than most men have seen “The Godfather”, and we all know they watch that on repeat. Anyway, there is a little segment in the movie where a guy is talking to the camera and giving some signs about how you can tell if a woman is not going to sleep with you after a date. One of the signs is if she doggy bags it. This is ridiculous, both funny and absurd. Once again let me say, who cares what he thinks?! I don’t like to waste good food and why should I be forced to finish every thing on my plate? Which is why I recommend taking half your meal to go, or whatever your not actually hungry for. There is no need to eat more than your fill when it will make a perfectly delicious lunch for tomorrow!

As for if your going to sleep with him, well honey, I’ll leave that up to you. 😉










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