With only a few days left before Christmas, if your anything like me your stressed beyond belief! Between last minute shopping, christmas card writing, cookie (and cupcake) baking and trying to figure out my holiday wardrobe, exercise and yoga are a MUST DO! It’s my favorite way to stay balanced, focused and keep my head in the right place to juggle it all. Yet I find myself still looking for something else to add to my usual routine during these crazy pre-holiday times.

Luckily, a new study from Stanford University has found that drinking just three cups of chamomile tea a day can have a similar or perhaps even better (cause of it’s extra painkilling benefits) effect on my stress level this season! Just three little cups can help ease tension headaches and soothe a stress-related upset stomach. As an added bonus, the calming effect of this herb also helps reduce the production of the stress hormone cortisol which causes inflammation and can lead to weight gain. It’s no wonder Starbuck’s calls this tea “Calm”, I’m getting relaxed just thinking about the cup I’m about to enjoy.










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